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All photos have been provided by clients with permission to appear on this website.

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“I knew close to nothing about babies and sleep when my daughter M was born. Thanks to Emma’s consulting on wake periods, we were able to get into a routine with our daughter. I learned so much about baby sleep and feeding, and it helped me to become a better parent. I used to dread putting my baby down, now bedtime is my favorite time of the day! Everyone always compliments me on raising such a well rested happy baby!”

Baby M

Baby D, 5 Months

How it looks... how it feels! This was us. 


We would feed and rock him to sleep, but as he became more aware of his surroundings, it took longer and longer. We knew we needed to do something – but what? Emma gave us a super-simple sleep plan that made sense; even at 2am! By night 3 we couldn’t believe the improvement – and it only got better. Two months later we dared to leave him with a babysitter, and she showered us with compliments about how easy he was to go to sleep! A good portion of these compliments belong to Emma, without her, we wouldn’t have had the energy or confidence to go out.

Little Duckling
Mother and Baby

Baby R, 12 Months

We were NOT sleeping safely (co-sleeping, letting him sleep on the sofa) but it was all I could do to get some sleep. I’d known Emma for a couple of years and knew how great she was with kids and how experienced she was, but I was embarrassed to ask for help. One day she carefully offered her assistance and I cried. I realized that everyone could see how exhausted I was. More importantly, I now felt I wasn’t alone. Even as a single mom doing it alone, the plan worked! It was simple and easy to follow, and it made sense. We even got rid of the pacifier – which I wasn’t expecting. My house is more organized, I have time to look after myself, and we’re happier as a mini family.

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